Relationship Prospecting by E-Mail

This is pretty straight forward and is based on the fact that you have already built a relationship with your prospect – it’s someone you know and think would be a good team member for your MLM business. You’ll provide them with the information they need to know to make an informed decision about joining you. This type of e-mail doesn’t have to be any more than about 400 words, but it must contain at least 3 calls to action that are the same. For instance, ask them to visit just one particular page of your website three times. Why? Too confusing if you ask them to visits other pages. Stick to the basics and make sure you have that covered thoroughly.


Ok you’ve learned you need at least three calls to action in this type of e-mail and that it means you want them to go to your business web site. Try for one PS, but ideally two with the second being a PSS. By the way, the PSS should be the third call to action.


The next category of email marketing is the Relationship Informative arena. Notice the word Informative. That’s the key to this kind of e-mail marketing. You’ve likely seen these in newsletters and ezines -large one page informercials, that don’t ask anyone to buy anything. They’re only there to just provide information. You need to be very careful you don’t come across as a MLM Marketer. Your only goal here is to merely provide information in an informational manner. Usually in about 1,500 words give or take.


Studies show e-newsletters that are informative are preferred, but only about 11% of newsletters are read thoroughly. Lesson is? Layout and content are KING. Readers will ignore or delete newsletters that aren’t perceived as useful. Since your whole reason for marketing is to retain customers, this is a skill you NEED to master.